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  • The Art of Giving and Receiving with the Young Child

    The Art of Giving and Receiving with the Young Child

    For many families and cultures around the world, December is a time of giving and receiving gifts, food, and love. Whether it is a physical gift or an intangible one, we need to be intentional with our expectations for the young child during the holiday season. Young children, under the age of 6 years old, […]

  • Thoughtful Gift Giving Ideas

    Thoughtful Gift Giving Ideas

    The gift giving season is upon us, and with that comes an onslaught of marketing and media for the latest and greatest toys. We’ve simplified it this year with a list* of Hala Kahiki Montessori School approved thoughtful gift giving ideas that are engaging, encourage learning and exploration and can be used and loved for […]

  • Montessori at Home?

    Montessori at Home?

    Can you do Montessori at home? The short answer – YES! The long answer – Yes, and… Montessori can be implemented in many forms based on the adult and the environment in which the child resides. The Montessori philosophy is about engaging the child in life being lived, while providing purposeful and challenging work or […]