Maria Montessori

As Italy's first female doctor, Maria Montessori's work in medicine led to her deep interest in child development.  Over the course of her life, Montessori studied all races and cultures, and through her keen observation skills came to understand that the child under the age of six holds a very special power. Within this young child is the possibility of a new, more peaceful - and ultimately more enjoyable - humanity.  

Through observing the young child Montessori discovered this power, The Absorbent Mind, with which the child from birth to six years old is absorbing and retaining every aspect of what they experience, effortlessly.  

With the absorbent mind, each of us acquires the attitude and behavior of the group in which we live and interact. Culture, language, and even the way we move our bodies are all learned during the first six years of life.  

In her work, Montessori strove for education for peace, nominated in 1949, 1950 & 1951 for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Her legacy lives on across the globe, with schools on 6 continents and thousands of children, from birth through high school and beyond, benefiting from her pedagogy.   

“I beg the dear all-powerful children to unite with me for the building of peace in Man and in the World.”

— Maria Montessori, 1870-1952

About Hala Kahiki

Designed for children 18 months – 6 years, Hala Kahiki is the first and only authentic Montessori school on Lāna’i.  Under the guiding influence of specially trained teachers, children work with multi-sensorial materials to help them learn to think critically and become well-rounded global citizens.  We would love to partner with you to give your children the best-possible early childhood education; please let us know how we can help you achieve your goals for your child.

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254 Houston Street

Lāna‘i, Hawaii

Licensing & Accreditation

Hala Kahiki is licensed by the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services. The third year of its Primary program (kindergarten) is also licensed by the Hawaii Council of Private Schools (HCPS). Additionally, the school is approved by the State of Hawaii Department of Health to provide limited food service.

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